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No 1 - August 2001
Tilting at the Ring

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Welcome to the new look and comprehensive Lancers journal. Lancers' Despatch is published in February and August each year, it combines the formerly Annual Royal New South Wales Lancers Association Newsletter with the Bi-Annual Museum Report; and includes reports from the current serving Regiment, the 1st/15th Royal New South Wales Lancers, and K Troop.

Just to let you know who we are,

The New South Wales Lancers Memorial Museum, operates a physical Museum including a collection of restored vintage armoured vehicles at Lancer Barracks, Parramatta; and a virtual Museum at The museum's collection covers the Australian Cavalry, Light Horse and Armoured Corps with particular focus on New South Wales and the Royal New South Wales Lancers. The Museum is an incorporated body, donations to the Museum are tax deductible in Australia.

The Royal New South Wales Lancers Association covers former members of 1st Light Horse, 1st Machine Gun Regiment, 1st Army Tank Battalion (AIF), 1st Armoured Regiment (AIF), the 1st and 1st/15th Royal New South Wales Lancers.

The Regiment is the current serving Australian Army unit, the 1st/15th Royal New South Wales Lancers (Reconnaissance).

K Troop, is the heritage cavalry troop, supported by the Commonwealth Government, K Troop has made a significant contribution to the celebration of our Nation's Centenary of Federation. K Troop is an incorporated association.

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The editor wishes to thank those who contributed to this Newsletter. Far more was provided than was used, some will appear in the February 2002 edition. Particular thanks to John Blackberry, David Craven, David Wood, Terry Hennessy, Peter Guides, James Butler; our photographers Bruce Kilgour, Len Koles, and John Waddell; and proof readers James Butler, Peter Giudes, Bruce Kilgour, Joe Tabone and David Wood.

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John Blackberry Reports

In March '98 Mr Bruce Ruxton AM. OBE., President of the Victorian R.S.L., wrote to Colonel Gordon Glasgow OBE. ED. seeking information about the Matilda tank wreckage remaining on Manggar airstrip after No. 3 Troop "A" squadron was removed from the "Order of Battle" by enemy gunfire on 5th July, 1945.

Colonel Glasgow, a brother of our wartime commanding officer, was O.C. 2/1st Armoured Brigade Recce Squadron attached to our regiment at Balikpapan. He referred the inquiry to David Craven and David referred it to me. (I seem to remember that orders from senior officers always seem to descend the ranks until a Corporal implements them?)

Now, three years later, I can report some success - and some disappointment In May, '98,I supplied Mr Ruxton with an account of the action at Manggar giving details of the engineer sapper who was killed and the six crew members wounded. He replied a few weeks later with thanks, saying that it was hoped that a memorial would be dedicated in October, '98, provided the Indonesian political situation allowed. He also promised to supply photographs and details of the plaque. Regrettably, Mr Ruxton has not done so, nor has he replied to further letters of 14th My, '98, 19th October, '98. and 16lh January, '99.

For details of "Tich" Russell, the sapper killed under one of the tanks (On his 21st birthday ) the Secretary of the 7th Division Engineers Association was able to supply number, full name and rank for the plaque adding that his Association knew nothing about a proposed memorial. On 17th March, '99 he also wrote to Mr Ruxton, with a copy to me, seeking details of the proposed plaque and memorial but received no reply.

In the meantime. Colonel Glasgow advised that his Godson, Mr John Ellice-Flint, head of "UNOCAL" Indonesia, a large American oil company with operations at Balikpapan, was responsible for having tank parts from Manggar airstrip mounted as a memorial on Parramatta Ridge-Late last year Colonel Glasgow forwarded copies of photographs of:-

A memorial to the 7th Aust. Division, A.I.F. on Parramatta Ridge, dedicated in 1995

Plaque A memorial to the 7th Aust. Division, A.I.F. on Parramatta Ridge, dedicated in 1995

1. A memorial to the 7th Aust. Division, A.I.F. on Parramatta Ridge, dedicated in 1995.

Tank memorial consisting of the gun mantlet and some tracks from Assassin

Plaque Tank memorial consisting of the gun mantlet and some tracks from Assassin

2. A "Tank" memorial consisting of the gun mantlet and some tracks from "Assassin", Troop Leader Dick Steele's tank, destroyed on 5th July, '45. It is not known if this memorial has been dedicated or is also awaiting improvement of the political situation in Indonesia.

A plaque honouring ten members of the 2/l0th Aust. Infantry Bn. killed on Parramatta Ridge

3. A plaque honouring ten members of the 2/l0th Aust. Infantry Bn. killed on Parramatta Ridge and adjacent features, it is not known whether this plaque has been mounted - presumably it will go on the 7th Division memorial. I find it interesting to note:-

- The 7th Div. memorial is said to have been dedicated in 1995. There are W.W. 2 veterans shown in the photograph - who are they, what unit?

- The 2/10th Aust. Infantry Bn. Association Secretary, Mr M.J. Orchard in South Australia knows nothing about a memorial at Balikpapan.

- The 7th Division Engineers Association Secretary Mr Ted Iddles in Sydney knows nothing either.

- Our Association, which represents the armour at Balikpapan, also knows nothing officially, only that which we are now hearing from civilian sources.

- R.S.L. H.Q in Sydney have no record of memorials within or outside Australia - there is no national register, although one is proposed !

- D.V.A. NSW, report the same, although they have supplied a brochure showing some older memorials in S.W.P.A.

- The last line of the 7th Division memorial plaque reads "without the great assistance given by Bob Edwards: an expatriate Australian".

Extensive inquiries have been made to locate Bob Edwards in order that we may thank him and perhaps learn more about what has been going on at Balikpapan in recent years. Tracey Hatch, a former Workshops member with us at Balikpapan, now living in Melbourne, has been most helpful in supplying numerous addresses of all the "R-Edwards" variations in Toowoomba and Rockhampton, Q'land where he is reported to have gone after leaving Borneo. After many fruitless phone calls over several weeks the result was disappointing - no result.

- The "Tank" memorial looks good but the proposed plaque could have been worded better-

- The 2/10 th Bn. plaque has apparently been produced without reference to that Association or its members. Also their Secretary reveals that the photograph of the plaque shows that there are several names missing.

There have been reports over a number of years that a tank was in the Manggar Besar river at the end of the airstrip, 50 metres from the destruction site. It is not understood how this could be so, as the tank wrecks were later stripped of tracks and idler wheels, of which there was a critical shortage following the grounding of the "Millen Griflin" on the New Guinea coast. It is regrettable that this matter was not carried out with more consultation and attention to detail. However, at least recognition has been given to those who took part in the campaign. With assistance from some R.S.L. contacts it may be possible to report more in the next issue of Lancer Despatch.

Finally, gratitude is expressed to Colonel Glasgow's Godson, Mr John EIlice-Flint, who, as head of UNOCAL had the motivation and resources to "make it happen". I have written to Mr EIlice-Flint thanking him for his efforts. Thanks are also due to Tracey Hatch whose on - going input has been of great assistance.

Sadly, as this is written, word has been received that Colonel Glasgow died on 19 May 2001 at his home at Buderim, Q'Land. aged 82 years. Fortunately I had already written to him a few weeks before to thank him for his great assistance.

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In the last issue of Museum Report refurbishment of the Museum Annexe was reported as complete. The annexe has now been fitted out, and is now back in service storing our valuable artefacts.

An external view of the completed Annex showing covered work area.   An internal view of the completed Annex.

 We owe a great debit to David and Denise Crisp. When the white ant problem with the Annex originally became apparent, we hired commercial storage until the building could be refurbished. As negotiations with heritage authorities in an attempt to get permission to build an annexe that would be of great use in providing a storage, work, shop and administration areas became protracted, the cost of this storage became prohibitive. David offered us a newly completed store room at his house. This saved the Museum thousands of dollars. We also need to thank Joe Tabone and David Crisp who have both given up every Sunday this year to complete the fit-out.

We also closed our WWII room and converted it into storage. This is once again open for business.

We have also done some essential maintenance work on the Museum building, replacing the rusted roof capping and fixing up the drainage. The Museum and Annex are now covered with a white ant inspection contract.

There is still, however, quite a lot of essential building works to complete, we have applied for a Commonwealth Government heritage grant to help defray the cost.

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The Museum's outreach programs in the past six months have been quite extensive. We participated in the Castle Hill Show, Ingleburn RSL's Anzac Day Dawn Service, the opening of the Menai Bridge, the Holroyd City Festival, and were able to support the 41 RNSWR open day in Lismore, re-establishing links with the Northern Rivers district, birthplace of the Upper Clarence Light Horse, and later the 15th Northern Rivers Lancers. We are lucky to have Bill Prosser's organisational skills running this programme.

Ferret MkII in parade at Castle Hill Show Gordon Ayres Commanding, Bob Gay Driving   The Bren Gun Carrier at the 41 RNSWR open day with Bill Manyweathers and Gordon Muddle

Bruce and the MayorThe Museum website has also been well patronised with sessions now at 2,500 per month. The greatest increase in patronage has been from locations other than Australia and the USA. The museum answers on average 10 e-mail and post enquiries a month.

The Parramatta City council has generously granted the Museum finds to cover the outreach programme in the Council area. The Museum Vice President, Bruce Kilgour can be thanked for pursuing this initiative. The council grant ($4,600.00) is to cover the cost of a new Museum brochure, mobile exhibit signage, and visits by the historic vehicle fleet.

The Museum was also able to offer the Lord Mayor of Parramatta a prize for the recent (30 June 2001) Lord Mayor's Ball, a cruise in a Ferret Scout Car for two around Parramatta Park. The cruise was won by Judi Barnes, General Manager of the Pacific International Suites, Parramatta.

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There has been a slight change to the Museum's management committee. Terry Boardman indicated that he did not wish to continue to be a member at the AGM in May. Ross Brown was returned to the committee in his stead. Ross has already given the Museum sterling service, serving as secretary for many years. Ross will strengthen the committees focus on accessioning and display.

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The Museum was featured on Channel Seven's Sydney Weekend programme. This feature along with promotions on 2UE and ABC radio are immediately apparent in museum visits.

Len Koles with Melanie Symonds and the Channel Seven TV crew.

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The Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Peter Cosgrove AC MC visited Lancer Barracks in May. During the visit he was able to tour the Museum, and was given a Museum cap by David Crisp as a memento.

David Crisp presents General Cosgrove with a Museum Cap

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Do you know of a ghost in Lancer Barracks? Jan McGahey is writing a book on Military Ghosts in Australia, and has reports of three ghosts in Victoria Barracks. She considers that as Lancer Barracks is 15 years older, it should have more. If you know of or have stumbled over a Ghost in the Barracks, give Jan a call, +61 (0)2 9416 2907. By the way it has to have been a "real" ghost; she would not buy the editor's suggestion that we make one up.

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David Wood Lancer Association Committee Member

Fellow ex-Lancers, welcome to the new format newsletter the “Lancers' Despatch”.

As a fairly new member of the Committee of the Lancer Association I have now been assigned the responsibility of reporting on Other Associated Activities.

My goal is to re-kindle a spark of interest with ex-members of the Regiment, with the hope that we can renew old friendships, make new friends and acquaintances with the common interest in the Regiment that we all have had in the past. I believe that you can take the man out of the Regiment, but you cannot take the Regiment out of the man. Wear the Black Beret with a Lancer Badge, you are always a Lancer

For those of you I have not met yet I give a brief resume of myself, I served in the Regiment from 1961 to 1971 attaining the rank of Sergeant. I resigned to further my Technical Education in the Civil Engineering field.

I have always been a firm believer that we the post war generation owe a great debt of gratitude to our WW2 service personnel for our freedom and way of life. Some twenty plus years ago one of our long serving members the late Les Watson talked me into joining the Castle Hill RSL sub-Branch, where after a few years I became the Hon. Secretary. This position I held for twelve years and believe repaid some minor debt to our WW2 veterans.

I still hold office in the sub-Branch also the Club Ltd as Director, without my service in the Regiment I would not of been able to carry out these roles which have been enjoyable and rewarding.

Any ex-service member who served a minimum of six months is eligible to join the R.S.L and if so desire help our ageing veterans.

Our Lancer Association needs to have more post war members to take an interest by attending Regimental activities such as the Church Parade, (support the Regiment). The ANZAC Day March, (support the Veterans) and the Reserve Forces Day Parade, (support the present and past members of the CMF / Reserve / National Service / Militia).

Come and take a look at the Old Barracks having recently been renovated and now looking in a mint condition. Take a walk through the Museum and talk to the devoted historians and greasy hands on people who have the Tanks and Ferret Scout cars in operative condition, and are also rebuilding several other vehicles. Maybe stick your head into these vehicles and relive the past.

Let us not meet only at funerals such as the recent late Albert (Brim) Buddle where unfortunately many members gathered all too briefly after many years of not seeing each other.

I would ask you the post war members what type of items / information would you like to read in this section of the newsletter, do you have anything to contribute to future editions, photographs, interesting stories etc?

Would you be interested in a re-union at the Barracks, maybe a bus trip weekend to the Tank Museum at Puckapunyal ?

Sid Lewis has provided some interesting publications from when he was SSM, “A” Squadron, I also have a couple of Bruce Sawyers interesting stories.

Anyone wishing to make a comment or contribution can contact me via mail to the Lancer Association PO Box 4171 Parramatta NSW 2124, or on home Email –

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The Lancer Association participated in the National Reserve Forces Day Parade in Sydney on 1 July 2001.

The parade celebrated the Centenary of Federation. At the time of federation all the defence forces of the six Colonies numbered 28,923 made up of 18,603 Militia (paid part-timers), 8,863 unpaid volunteers, and 1,547 permanent soldiers. Colonial Navies had 9 ships and approximately 3,000 men, 2,700 of whom were reservists.

We had a great turn out, some 60 post war members, including 5 former COs, John Arnott, Philip Bridie, Bob Iverach, Lee Long and John McPhee.

Brian Brackenreg, John Palmer and John McPhee ready to march

Our representatives on the Reserve Forces Day Committee, Bob Iverach and Ken Studeris did a great job in getting the units and association members to the parade.

The Regiment paraded the guidons, a guidon guard and a (vehicle) mounted contingent in conjunction with 12/16 HRL. The Association led by Len Koles and our banner, marched behind two of the the Museum's Ferret scout cars. The RNSWL Association marching to the right of the road, and HRL to the left.

A view of one of the leading Ferrets from the March   A view of the march from one of the ferrets

Philidelphia HussarThe parade marched from Hyde Park South past a reviewing platform at Taylor Square where HE Professor Marie Bashir AC, Governor of NSW took the salute, to Victoria Barracks where our association member Chris Dawson, Mayor of Woolahra presented the "Keys to the City".

Of particular interest was the presence on parade of reservists from the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and the United States of America. There were a substantial number of re-enactment troops present, including K Troop and Australian Light Horse Association affiliates. Of particular interest were representatives First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry (Hussars, Washington's Bodyguard) and mounted on horses provided by K Troop. Those interested in such matters might want to check out a new link on the Museum's website to the 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry (Rush's Lancers) the only US unit to fight equipped with Lancers.

The whole ceremony was a little long lasting five hours in total and standing for that time proved taxing not only on the older reservists, but for some of the younger soldiers on parade. To the organisers, well done, but a little shorter next time

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David Craven

The March

It was a sunny day, with enthusiastic crowds seemingly getting bigger each year, and lots of kids waving Australian flags. We were led again by Ted Martin, with David Donald and Doug Ferns out front. Our banner, with strip saying "now 116 years old" was again carried by a party from the 1st/15th, led as usual by W02 Peter Sly, for which we are always grateful. They also provide parties for the banners of 2nd AIF, the RAAC and 2/6th Armoured Regt. Also marching out front this year were Gary Johnson and Roy Rae dressed in WW1 uniforms and colour patches of the 1st Light Horse AIF, as a visible link with our forebears of the Lancers. Gary later said they were noticed and cheered by the crowd, with plenty of encouraging comment called out.

Our party numbered around 60-70, including about 15-20 post war members in the rear ranks who joined us at the invitation of the RSL and our Association. Len Koles acted as RSM to get us into good shape before we marched off. Alan Aynsley, Geoff James and David Craven were in the back rows along with post war members Joe Tabone, Dave Crisp, Philip Bridie, Bob Iverach, Brian Walters, Len Koles, Bob Gay, John Palmer, Mike Lewins, Bill Collyer, Nick Weston - to name a few. A good group. All in our party were well turned out, it looked good and all went well.

The Reunion

Balmain Bowling Club again made us welcome for another good get-together with old mates and sharing memories. The usual brief wreath laying ceremony at 12.30 was watched by most of our members. Joining some bowlers in the march across the green to the flagpole, our party comprised Ken Lowe and John Blackberry (WW2), Lee Long and John Howells (post war) and Major Rob Lording and W01 Nick Day (1/15th). Wehad the usual good service from the bar and caterers, with roast lunch served on time at 1pm. The Reserve Forces March party arrived in good time for lunch.

The Reunion at Balmain Bowling Club (Bob Iverach standing)

Attendance and Formalities 72 attended, a few more than last year and a few more than expected, but it caused no problem - the caterers had enough lunches and there was seating. It really does help to have bookings for all, but a few unexpected extras are better than non-attenders after booking. 81 apologies were on lists at tables for all to see, plus 6 more advised on the day, so a total of 87. We welcomed as guests Major Rob Lording (2 i/c of 1/15th), W01 Nick Day (RSM of 1/15th) and Tpr Paul Coyne (representing ORs of 1/15th) who attended the flag at the wreath Laying ceremony. Also as always our Patron Major General Warren Glenny AO RFD ED. Formalities were brief and interesting. Toasts were to The Queen, by Ted Martin and to The Regiment, by Philip Bridie (immediate past CO). Rob Lording (deputising for CO LTCOL Wayne Higgins) responded with a brief and informative report on the Regiment over the last year and at present. Warren Glenny also made some complimentary and appreciated comments.

The Annual Meeting

President Len Koles gave a welcome to all and thanked the Committee for their efforts and support over the last year. He reported briefly on the Gallipoli 2000 visit by a group of our members and the proposal for another in 2002, hoping more can go.

31 Departed Comrades' names reported since last reunion were read out by Brian Walters with The Ode spoken by Sorlie O'Brien and a Silence observed.

We Will Remember Them - Lest We Forget.

David Donald reported briefly on finances for the year to 3l January 2001 saying they are in a healthy state, thanks to generous donations totalling $5,320. Copies of detailed financial statements were there to take.

RSM Nick Day acted as returning officer for the election of the following:- President, Len Koles. Vice Presidents, Noel O'Brien and Dr Ron Cable. Secretary, Brian Walters. Treasurer, David Donald. Committee, John Blackberry, David Craven, David Crisp, Jim Forsyth, John Howells, Ken Lowe, Geoff Morris, John Palmer, Rill Pokes, Bob Simpson, David Wood. Total 16, being 8 each of WW2 veterans and post war members, in line with our policy of gradual transition of leadership.

Terry Hennessy reminded of the Armour/Cavalry reunion at Bomaderry on Friday 25th May. Nick Weston spoke on the RAAC Association, of which he is now Vice President. Among their aims now is contact with the Lancers Museum and Lancers Association.

Geoff James moved that appreciation be recorded of David Craven's past service as secretary and newsletter editor. He was seconded by George McLean and Bill Halliday, who made complimentary comments. Geoff's motion was supported by all members. David thanked Geoff, George and Bill and all members for their complimentary and much appreciated comment.

It is good to have Jim Forsyth back on Committee. One of our veteran post war members, Jim initiated the transfer of our roll and mailing list to computer some years ago, with one of his staff doing the work, and gave help in other ways. Also good to welcome John Palmer and John Howells, Secretary of the Lancers' Museum and Editor of our combined newsletter.

In his response to the Toast to The Regiment, Rob Lording said the year has been an interesting one. 50 members volunteered for East Timor service| with 24 selected. He praised the support to the Sydney 2000 Olympics by both serving and post war members. The main challenge now is in attracting new members with recruiting and retaining present ones.

It was good to have present four former COs, Warren Glenny, Bob Iverach, Lee Long and Philip Bridie.

Brian Walters again did a good job in preparation for the reunion, and as MC. So has Len Koles as President. On behalf of members, thanks Len and Brian.

Of the wartime veterans present, A and C Squadrons each had about 15, including 6 (I think) from 2Tp A Sqn. Some distant travellers were Albert Martin (Cooroy Qld), Pat O'Toole (Kingscliff), Alan Aynsley (Albury), Bert Bigland (Leongatha Vie), Ted Fallowfield and Roy Jessup (Wagga) George McLean (Guyra), Doug Jasprizza (Tuross), Carl Noble (South West Rocks), Bern Temby (Duboo).

Family members who were welcome were Tony Haynes, son of Geoff Haynes, David and Graham Butler, sons of Stan Butler, John and Frank O'Toole, sons of Pat O'Toole and (especially) Sarah Smith, granddaughter of Nev Kingcott. Friends or relatives of Bob Iverach were John Last and Mike DeBurgh. It was good to have them join us. Mick Wilson's daughter brought him along and called for him later. Mick was warmly welcomed by C Sqn mates and really enjoyed his day.

As well as those named under this heading "comments", we think others attending were: John Blackberry, Doug Beardmore, Arthur Bulgin, Rod Button, Dave Crisp, Stan Chivas, Graham Clarke, Doug Clift, Denis Comber, David Craven, Caine Dosenberg, David Donald, John Drews, F Fitzpatrick, Doug Ferns, Geoff Francis, Bill Halliday, Bobby Hayes, Terry Hennessy, John Howells, Geoff James, John Kearney, Jack Lamb, Ken Lowe, Bill Lynch, Kon McKenzie, Noel McMahon, John McDonald, Ted Martin, Geoff Morris, Noel O'Brien, Bert Roughley, Bob Simpson, Ernie Syratt, Dan Tesoriero, Joe Tabone, Nick Weston, Rex Wilcox and our guests Warren Glenny, Rob Lording Nick Day and Paul Coyne. As said, we believe the total attendance of all named above was 72, comprising 44 wartime, 17 post war and guests, 11 family and friends. There might well be errors in this, and if so please let us know for correction in the next issue.

Bobby Hayes again wore a striking shirt, though less colourful than last year. How many does he have?

Our reunion this year co-incided with Bowling Club President Ray Leo's 20th year as President, their longest. Congratulations Ray, and to you on behalf of the Club, many thanks from the Lancers Association for the hospitality and service we have enjoyed at our reunions at Balmain.

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Terry Hennessy

A total of 23 persons attended the Bomaderry Cavalry/Armour Reunion at Bomaderry RSL Club on Friday 25.5.01. Numbers were down, in some cases because the rail line between Dapto and Kiama is being adapted to use electric trains, causing delays. Those who went enjoyed the friendly atmosphere of the Club, the good meal, a few drinks and the camaraderie. Lancers present were Peter Aldous, who joined the 1/21st Light Horse in 1934 and transferred to the 7th Light Horse in 1936, while others who served in 1st Armoured Regt AIF were Terry Hennessy and Ray Rutledge. There were 8 veterans from the 7th Light Horse and 7 from the 2/4th Armoured Regt, along with 7 wives or widows.

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David Craven

Since the last newsletter, no. 25 of March 2001 we have heard of the deaths of the following:-

RSL "Reveille" of Mar/Apr 01 listed RAWSON H J NX101487 Tpr 1 Aust Armd Regt. Whilst not on our roll and having no contact for many years, our service file shows that Harry was born in May 22, joined 2nd Tank Bn in Oct 41 and came to our A Squadron with the intake of Feb 43 as a tank loader/operator in 5 Troop, serving in New Guinea and Borneo. We have no other information. Also in that issue is listed TURNBULL J NX48300 Spr 1 Aust Armd Regt. We have no record on roll or service file. The rank of Spr may be a misprint of Tpr, or the unit may be wrong and he may not be one of ours. Maybe some readers will recall either or both of them.

KEVIN GOBERT of Sunnybank Qld on 15.10.00. Known to all as "Tex" he was a tank fitter of 209 LAD, attached to A Squadron in New Guinea and later but was discharged before Borneo on medical grounds. Tex was a talented musician, both in wartime and professionally later. Until recently he came to Sydney regularly for our Anzac Day reunions.

GEOFF BLACK of Wahroonga on 17.11.00. He was also a tank fitter of 209LAD with A Squadron, serving in New Guinea and Borneo. Post war he was long term with Sydney Morning Herald. A good supportive member, Geoff came to Anzac Day reunions for many years, especially to rejoin old LAD mates. His wife Patricia died two or three years earlier.

SARRY NOUD of Belmont, on 20.1.01. Word came through return of last newsletter. Harry was on our roll at Lake Macquarie Retirement Village but not in the service file, so it seems he left the regiment before Borneo. Geoff Morris said he came to two or three Gosford reunions some years ago, but we don't know of any other contacts or information.

WAL FAIRBAIRN of Bradbury, in March 01. Wal was in the Lancers in 1st LH (Machine Gun) Regt at 1st Walgrove camp in 1940 and along with many others volunteered for 2nd AIF to form the 2/2nd MG Regt. They had service with 9th Division in the Middle East and in 43 at Sattelberg.

RSL "Reveille" of May/Jun 01 listed MITCHELL R C NX113860 Tpr 1 A Armd Regt. Whilst not on our roll, the service file shows he came from Morotai as a reinforcement on 7.7.45 a few days after the Balik landing. Neither his name or squadron are indicated, and we have no other information. Also in that issue is listed PERRY L W NX101475 Spr 1 Aust Armd Regt. Not on our roll, but service file lists him as Tpr Leonard Perry, born 4.19, a tank driver of FHQ Troop A Squadron, with service in New Guinea and Borneo. Len came from 2nd Tank Bn in Feb 43. It seems there has been no contact with him, but he is remembered. Another listing was HA YES K. NX134115 Cpl 1 Aust Army Tk Bt. He isn't in our service file indicating he left the regiment after New Guinea, as the unit name given confirms-He is on the roll as Keith Hayes of Oakville. We aren't aware of any . contact in recent times. Also listed is MacLEOD N S NX194137 Cpl 1 Mot Reg He isn't on our roll or service file. The unit and service no. shown are puzzling. 1st Motor Regt only existed for two months to May 42 and was Militia. If he was in that regiment maybe he left and joined a different unit and gained the NX no. shown.

ROBERT deVERE WITTLETON of Alstonville. Also in May/Jun 01 "Reveille" but unlike the four names above, Vere (as he was known) was well known and kept contact per newsletter responses, making generous donations. We can't recall attendance at recent reunions, maybe earlier ones. Our last word was in March 2000 when he said he'd had a by-pass. The service file says he joined us in June 43 with service in New Guinea and Borneo in A Sqn.

STANLEY JUDGE of Panania, on 22.5.01, aged 77. Stan joined us at Rutherford in December 41 and served in B Squadron in New Guinea and Bornoe. He was on our roll, but doesn't appear to have been in contact, in recent years anyway. Former B Sqn members will remember Stanley.

GORDON GLASGOW OBE ED - of Buderim Qld, on 19.5.01, aged 82. Our history has a service biography of our very distinguished member. In brief, he joined the 11th Light Horse as a Trooper in 1936, becoming Sergeant in 38. In 1939, and recommended for a commission, he joined the AIF as a Trooper in 6 Div Cav Regt. Serving in the Middle East he soon became Sergeant and was mentioned in dispatches in Syria in 41. Having been commissioned and after various postings overseas and in Australia he was as a Captain 2IC of 2/1st Armoured Brigade Recce Squadron attached to 4th Armoured brigade during operations at Balikpapan, becoming OC after Major Fred Mulally left.

Post war he transferred to 1st RNSW Lancers in 1949, and as a Lieutenant Colonel, Commanding Officer of 1/15th Royal New South Wales Lancers in Feb 58 until Dec 61. He subsequently became Colonel and was awarded the OBE. From 1963 to 1985 Gordon was Chairman of the Lancers Museum Appeal Committee.

There are some interesting sidelights. His former OC of the Recce Squadron, Major Fred Mulally, also preceded him as CO of the Lancers in 1949-50. His older brother Derek Glasgow was CO of our 1st Aust Armoured Regt (AIF) from 3/43 to 10/45, which included our wartime operations in New Guinea and Borneo. Both Gordon and Derek, with another brother Duncan, were all together in 6 Div Cav, and the three of them along with their sister Mary, an army nurse, all sailed in the first convoy to leave Australia. That could be unique. Their uncle was Sir Thomas Glasgow, KCB CMG DSO, who as a Major was CO of 1st Light horse Regt AIF at Gallipoli, later becoming Major General. Post war, he was a Minister of Defence and High Commissioner to Canada.

We have been in contact with Gordon over the years, especially in recent times with his involvement and help in the establishment of the Memorial at Balikpapan (as reported by John Blackberry). The Lancers Association recognises and appreciates the leadership and support from a very distinguished member, Gordon Glasgow. He was cremated privately on 25.5.01,

ALBERT "BRIM" BUDDLE of Toronto, on 20.4.01 aged 59. A very well known and liked post-war member of 1/15th, Brim had almost certainly the most years of continuous service in the Regiment, spanning at least 35 years. He gained the RFM for 15 years, plus 4 clasps, each of 5 more years. He joined in 1959, aged 17, was for some years a Centurion tank crew member, and in final years before retiring was a W02 and SSM of HQ Sqn. in recent civvy life Brim was a tourist coach driver. He died of a heart attack. His funeral at Toronto was attended by a large group of his Lancer friends.


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Captain Peter Guides

The last 18 months have seen some new activities as well as exciting opportunities for members of the Regiment. An early AFX at the beginning of 2000, Exercise Black Diamond in the Singleton Range Area, culminated in a firepower demonstration including 84mm Carl Gustav, 30 and 50 cal and a RAAF F-18A sortie.

The second half of 2000 saw the Unit commit itself to OP Gold (the Army’s support for the Olympics), with the relevant search courses being conducted before many members volunteered for both the six-week full time component, as well as other levels of support.

2000 also saw several Lancers involved in OP Bel Isi in PNG; as part of the Army Reserve rifle platoon to Butterworth Malaysia; and as part of the 7th Task Force deployment to East Timor. The Unit also received several different types of new equipment, including the Minimi 5.56 light machine gun, Ninox night fighting equipment and GPS navigational aids. Courses for all of which were conducted later in the year. The current status of unit equipment definitely supports the stated Government aim of re-equipping the reserves.

The year 2000’s lack of corps training left the Unit hungry for armoured activities and several new changes. Firstly a change in the Regimental Mission, which now tasks the Lancers to provide roundout and reinforcements for training and operations as required by the ADF. This is part due to the Regiment’s success in providing round out troops to East Timor.

There have also been many changes in manning including the appointment of last years 2IC, LtCol Higgins as CO. The Regiment now boasts one of the healthiest ARA cadre staff that it has seen in many years, and welcomes Maj Northover as OPSO, Capt Cree as Adjutant and WO1 Day as RSM. The current Reserve postings include CAPT Peter Giudes as the S5, MAJ Mark Gibson as OC A SQN, MAJ Iain Adams as OC CSS SQN and MAJ Mike Kalms as OC C SQN.

Early training for the Unit included routine maintenance, AIRN qualifications and a B vehicle course. These tasks, although mundane, have placed the unit on a sound footing to progress into the second half of 2001.

Early in the new year was a range weekend at Singleton in which several enjoyable practices were undertaken, including 30/50 static and mobile by day and night, sneaker, grenade and mortar illume in support for the night shooting. Also in the early part of 2001, the Eastern Region Courses Camp (ERCC) was run, allowing many soldiers to earn their relevant qualifications.

May saw the Regiment launch a “Day In The Lancers’, which proved to be a very successful recruiting activity. Potential applicants to the Army Reserve were given the opportunity to come to the Unit and ‘try before you buy’ some the equipment and activities that the Lancers undertake.

Activities included rock climbing and abseiling at the 4RAR climbing wall, firing blank ammunition from a steyr, minimi and 30cal on a ground mount, an introduction to shooting the steyr at the WTSS simulation range and a demonstration of the M113’s capabilities at the driver training area (DTA). We can expect to see many new faces in the Unit soon as a result of activities like these, and planning is already underway for the next ‘Day In The Lancers’, which will be held on 27th October 2001.

The success of the Day in the Lancers, and other recruiting activities has seen the Regimental strength grow, where C Squadron (the Regiment’s training Squadron) is bursting at the seams with recruits and trainees who are rapidly acquiring new skills.

Ceremonial activities have not been forgotten. The unit continues to support a range of high profile events including the Reserve Forces Day parade and ANZAC Day.

The Guidons on Parade

The remainder of this year will see the Regiment focus more on individual and crew level training in the lead up for the Unit AFX in September, in the Shoalwater Bay region, Northern Queenslands. IET and Crew Commander courses have been scheduled to be run concurrently, while the remainder conduct APC support for 5 Brigade and sub unit reconnaissance training. This has all been designed to refocus the Regiment firmly on the development of armoured corps skills.

The Regimental main effort remains to recruit train and retain soldiers and it will be with gusto that it continues this course of action.

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James Butler

Thanks to a substantial grant received from the Department of Communications, Information, Technology and the Arts, K Troop has never been in as strong a position as it is in today. During this Centenary of Federation year, K Troop has been extremely active in Centenary of Federation events and parades. The Troop has attended 14 separate events in NSW and the ACT during the first six months of the year.

The year began with the Sydney Centenary of Federation March on the 1st of January in which K Troop represented the New South Wales Lancers and the Australian Horse. Both of these cavalry regiments were present for the original Escort of the Governor General in 1901.

Troop members spent three days at the Centenary of Federation International Scout Jamboree. The role of the Troop was to present a depiction of Colonel Baden-Powell as commander of the Defence of Mafeking, during the Boer War to as many of the fourteen thousand attending scouts as possible. This was achieved by continuously riding through the sub-camps, as well as performing skill-at-arms and other mounted displays. Both Australian and international scouts and guides were able to get first hand experience of their Scouting heritage, and in the case of many of the Asian children, their first ever contact with horses.

Australia Day saw presentations of New South Wales Lancers and Australian Horse as guards for the NSW Government function at Old Government House in Parramatta Park.

The major parade for K troop saw 16 serving army members of the Troop on parade in Canberra for the Centenary Birthday of the Australian Army. This was a most worthwhile event in which the Troop paraded at least one mounted trooper of each permanent mounted regiment of every Australian Colony at the date of Federation, plus a word War One General Service wagon. This may have been the first time all such units have paraded together in Australia. This was followed by a participation in the Canberra City Festival street procession, through the CBD of Canberra. Later that same night Troop members rode into the Canberra Convention Centre to salute the Army from inside the Dinner. The troop subsequently provided a New South Wales Lancer for the Large Centenary of Federation Concert on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin two nights later.

During the ANZAC period the Troop undertook a presentation to a Masonic dinner held in the Masonic centre in Sydney, which detailed the experience and equipment of the Lighthorsemen of the 1st Australian Imperial Forces in 1917. In quick succession there followed a commemoration march for Seven Hills RSL and a dawn service for Rooty Hill RSL.

Neville Howse Rides AgainDuring May, at the invitation of Parramatta City Council, the Troop provided New South Wales Lancer Troopers to the key Centenary of Federation Schools Event held at the Parramatta Town Hall. Representatives of all the local schools attended a presentation that showed archive footage of the original New South Wales Lancers and history of Federation. Later that month the Troop returned to Parramatta and paraded New South Wales Lancer and New South Wales Mounted Rifles troopers at the Parramatta Heritage Centenary of Federation Market Day.

Also in May the Troop rode for the Centenary of Federation Festival in Berry on the south coast, (where the New South Wales Lancers Regiment used to have a Troop). The Troop presented locals with a view of their heritage probably not seen in the area in a hundred years.

The Troop will be finishing the financial year with the Reserve Forces Day march In Wollongong and attending as mounted guards and a dismounted escort at the Lord Mayor of Parramatta’s Charity Ball.

K Troop received a substantial grant from the Department of Communications, Information, Technology and the Arts. This grant has been partially expended thus far on seven new Australian colonial uniforms and a quantity of saddlery and heritage weapons. The grant has allowed K Troop to parade the uniforms of all the colonial cavalry units as at Federation. This is the first time that many of these uniforms have been seen on horseback by the public in living memory. The grant has also enabled the Troop to present this unique component of Australia’s history to a very wide and diverse audience, both by direct presentation, and local and national television broadcast

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The Museum and the Regimental Association exist almost entirely because of your generosity. If you are receiving this newsletter in hard copy, please use the enclosed contribution sheet to make a donation, if not follow this hyperlink, fill out and submit the contribution form.

The Museum needs money to carry on the valuable work. Contributing $20.00 per year this ensures you will continue to receive this newsletter. All donations are tax deductible, a receipt will be provided with your next newsletter.

We also need workers and guides. Working bees are conducted every second Sunday of the month commencing at 10:00 at Lancer Barracks; if you are interested, please turn up, or drop a note or e-mail You do not have to be a former Lancer, simply a person with an interest ans some skill.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank those who donated to the Museum in the past year:

John B Arnott, Harry Bailey, Bill Balchin, Ted Ballard, John Bartlett, G W Bell, Norman Bent, Ray Birks, M J Booth, Phillip Bridie, John Burlison, Hilary Burton, Merv Canham, Jim Caradus, Harry Carr, Bert Castellari, Lachlan Charlton, Les Chipperfield, Helen Clarke, Bill Cross, Ron Cullen, Jeff Darke, Christopher Dawson, John C Drews, Ian Frost, Robin Gay, Major General W E Glenny, Fred Grover, Allan Harland, D W Harris, Terry Hennessy, Kevin Hobbs, Les Hughes, R W Iverach, John F. Lamb, Sidney George Lewis, Keith C Linnert, G R F Lovegrove, Jean Macdonald, Paul Maile, Ted Martin, A A (Tony) McArthur, Mick McConnell, George B. McLean, Roger McMahon, David Meidling, Samuel A Mifsud, Henry Mikel, K J Mountain, Valerie O'Sullivan, John G Paton, Lillian Patterson, John David Plowman, David Power, Richard Pym, John Rodwell, Laurel M Sharpe, Robert Simpson, Arthur Standring, Bob Stenhouse, Ronald Raymond Stone, Sir Laurence Street, Reg Swadling, Daniel Tesoriero, Graham B. Ware, John Sydney Warner, Phil Wright, Horace S. Cross, M J Booth, John Creswick, Samuel A Mifsud, G F Morris, Dick Steele, Hugh Clark, Ronald George Heath, Marcia Newton, Joyce Rowan, Geoff Cuthbert, Doug Pollard, Richard Pym, Robert Simpson, John Sydney Warner, Neil G Macarthur-Onslow, David W Donald, Ruth A Donald.

Those who donated to the Association will be acknowledged the February 2001 Lancers' Despatch.

You can also assist the Museum by buying memorabilia please use the enclosed sheet to order, if not follow this hyperlink, fill out and submit the form.

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You might be interested to note that the Royal Australian Armoured Corps Association (NSW) has been re activated with John Haynes as President and Bill Cross as Secretary. Should you wish to join or re-activate your membership drop a line to the association at Building 96, Victoria Barracks, Paddington NSW 2071, or contact Bill Cross

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Those who are members of the Light Horse Association might be interested to note that the Association will be holding its Annual President's Dinner at Richmond in November 2001. Should you wish to contact the association the Secretary Tom Childs details are: +61 (0)411 690 653,

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"A regiment is not solely the men who presently comprise its strength. It is an entity stretching back in time to its beginnings. It is all the men who have served in its ranks, with their traditions and achievements. The serving unit, like the tip of an iceberg, may be the only part you see, but under­neath, supporting it, there is a great deal more." (These words, often quoted, were introduced by our Patron, Major General Warren Glenny, AO RFD ED, during his term as 2IC of 1st/15th Royal NSW Lancers in the 1960s)


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