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Ferret Scout Car

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Ferret Mk 1

Ferret Mk 2

 Technical Details  

Manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Top Speed 93 km/h.

Weight 4.37 tonn

Crew: 2.

Armour: 12 mm (Max).

Power Plant: Rolls-Royce B60, Mark 6A 6 Cylinder, 129 BHP Petrol.

Armament: 1 x .30 MG in turret.

Manufactured: 1952 - 1971.

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The British Army issued a requirement for a new scout car in 1947 to replace those of World War II still in service. The Daimler Company of Covertry was awarded the contract to build prototypes. Following troop trials, Daimler began production in 1952.

The vehicle shares series commonality with the Saracen Armoured Personnell Carrier, and Saladin armoured car. All having Rolls-Royce engines, independent coil suspension, five speed pre-selective transmission and fluid flywheel drive. To enable fast getaways from observation positions, a forward/reverse lever is fitted to the gearbox, giving the full transmission range in both directions. The observation ports at the rear of the superstructure enable the driver to see when driving in reverse.

Three ferrets formed a reconnaissance troop for each squadron of tanks, Searching forward of the heavier and slower tanks to locate an enemy.

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Ferret Scout Cars saw service with the 1/15 RNSWL in the 1950s and 1960s. They were withdrawn shortly before the Regiment lost its tank role in 1971. Ferrets also saw service in the Regular Tank Regiment, and reserve Armoured Reconnaissance units. They were not used in combat by Australia.

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Our fleet of historic vehicles is constantly being maintained by our volunteer workforce.

The pictures below tell the story of 3 years (2003 - 2005) of sweat and tears by Gordon Muddle on the engine of our Mk II Ferret, the pistons, rings, bearings had to be replaced, while this was happening other volunteers were cleaning and painting out the interior, remaking seats, repairing seat frames.

Engine under Restoration  Engine Bay awaiting restored engine

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