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Replacement 15th Guidon Presentation

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In 1985, the Regiment celebrated 100 years since its first parade.  There were a number of celebration events overseen by a centenary committee who raised money, published an updated history, and coordinated the events.  Current Lancers' Museum President was treasurer of that committee, Museum Secretary, John Howells was chair of the centenary committee.

One of the events was the presentation of a replacement 15th NRL Guidon on 9 Novermber 1985.  The 15th Guidon held by the Regiment had been presented in 1928.  It had a short staff, designed to have cavalry Guidons and Banners, fly at the same height on parade as infantry colours.  It had started to fray  in the 1950s and was fixed, the Regimental padre had provided altar cloth, Regimental wives the sewing expertise to refurbish the sacred object.

Guidons and  Colours are traditionally presented by the Governor General.  1985, however, was the time of a visit by Prince Charles to Victoria.  The Regiment's Honorary Colonel Major General JML Macdonald had Royal connections.  He made a private approach to the Prince to present the Guidon, it was accepted.  There was a problem, Victoria was paying for the Prince's visit to publicise that state.  Should he step into New South Wales, Victoria wanted New South Wales to cover part of the cost of the visit; the figure was in the vicinity of $27 million; a bit beyond the accumulated funds of the Regiment's centenary committee.

The Governor General Sir Ninian Stephen agreed to do the presentation.  He did it in a lounge suit as a sign that he was not the Regiment's first choice.

The parade featured the 15 NRL mounted troop, mostly light horsemen who had served with the NRL before 1942, and K Troop NSW Lancers, at that time the Regiment's own light horse re-enactment troop.  Historic armoured vehicles were also supplied by the Museum's collection and the Australian Armoured Vehicle Collectors Society.  The Regiment at the time was armed in part with the 76mm Scorpion MRV.

The photos we have of the presentation were taken by the webmaster.  The webmaster had the role of hosting the Governor General during the parade.  As such the photos are only taken from the sidelines.

  Use the button to your left to view a slide show of the Guidon presentation.


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